Hidden villages in India that will seduce you
25.12 2018

Hidden villages in India that will seduce you

Villages in India

India is a very large country, situated in South Asia. This subcontinent has much to offer thanks to the vast land and long history that it keeps as a big fortune. Mountains, deserts, forests, historic sites, beaches, national reserves and many other attractions are the reasons why million visitors come to India every year.

Indian people are also well known for their warm welcome. Apart from the popular tourist sites, India also has many beautiful places that you should not miss to visit when visiting the country.

Some hidden villages in India that will seduce you

  • Munsiyari

The village is located in the Kumaon hills. It is one of the best hidden villages that allow visitors to live various experiences in India. The village is surrounded by large paddy fields and forests. It is a very good destination for adventure lovers because of its incredible and breathtaking scenery formed by mountains, rivers, glaciers, peaks, forests and unusual plants. The area allows you to practice a lot of activities such as trekking, camping, photo shooting.

  • Mawlynnong

A very attractive village in Meghalaya, in North East India. It is one of the best and uncommon villages that you can visit in India. It is also considered as the cleanest village in Asia. This wild and clean village is characterized by super-natural green landscapes, romantic rivers and waterfalls, amazing wooden houses, historical monuments and large forests that keep innumerable wild animals. Mawlynnong allows to experience the rich wilderness by trekking around and give peace to your mind by staying in the romantic homestays. You can also explore the beauty of waterfalls, natural gardens and many other attractive places in Mawlynnong.

  • Malana

If you are a fan of mysterious attractions and unbelievable mountains, this is a good destination for you. Malana is an old and isolated village that many tourists never miss to visit in North East of Kullu Valley. The main reason why tourist visits this hidden village is to enjoy the fantastic view of the village.

It is surrounded by amazing mountains and green forests that cover a wide range of fauna and flora. The air is fresh and the place has deep serenity that allows you to totally relax during your stay. Hiking, climbing, camping, doing picnic are the best activities that you can do in Malana.

  • Nako

It is a Himalayan village, situated in North India. Nako village is settled at the top of a mountain. It has a variety of interesting attractions that make the beauty of the village. You can discover the beautiful lake, the old monastery, and many beautiful natural landscapes in Nako. Among the best activities that you can practice in this hidden village is boating, trekking, skating and exploring the fantastic view.

Travel in India and discover the hidden villages

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