image The best hikings in India

The best hikings in India

Regular physical activity contributes to health; however, with the daily pace, even having a little time to sit down is difficult. Setting up a daily sports session also requires motivation. In this case, walking is the solution, walking a few distances on foot for example during your break or when going to work. Hiking contributes to the good functioning of the body and the mind. In India there are various hiking trails. Places where every kilometer brings pleasure. The pleasure of discovery which boosts your energy.

Where to go hiking in India?

In India, you can find all kinds of collective and individual sports. Concerning the hiking spots, the list is long, but here are the best places for trekking:

  •  Rajasthan on foot: far from the cold or gales, which means hiking through the Thar Desert. It is possible to walk through the desert and take breaks along the way. This hiking venue is perfect for those who prefer to get away from it all and lose weight.
  •  The Indus Valley: this place offers multiple connections to the historic sites including Lamayuru, Wagnla, starting with the Tar Pass. The distance is about 5200 meters and the hiking last 4 to 5 days. However, the landscape is so breathtaking, and to discover the landscape of this trail, 4 days are well worth the trip.
  •  The Nun-kun: located between Srinagar and Leh, these two great peaks are often confused by many hikers because they are neighbors. The distance between Nun and Kun is 15000 km. In addition, these two environments offer other classic trails.
  •  North Uttarkashi: perfect for amateurs, it is possible to carry out the sector in 5 to 6 days or 20 to 25 days according to the needs and capacities. This place is the wildest because there are many trails for a crowd of backpackers.

Go with all the bands

Other places are still available for trekking. For beginners, hiking for a few hours over the weekend is an essential first step. Then you can start doing long distance backpacking such as a two-day hike. You can take your family for them to discover the joy of disconnecting from the daily lifestyle including technologies. Doing group activities or discoveries during the hike will also strengthen your family tie. In addition, India offers other wonderful hiking destinations such as the Kumâon region, the frozen river or the sources of the Ganges.

Plan your routes

To avoid getting lost or tired, especially for first-time hikers, plan carefully your hiking trails. For example, where to go backpacking, where to stay, and how to get there. To help you, Opodo offers the best routes and specialized places with all the necessary services besides trekking.

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